Marie Lassen

Marie Lassen “Unsung Hero” Award

Every year, the Monmouth-Ocean Chapter awards a scholarship in memory of a past chapter officer, Marie Lassen.

Marie did a lot of work, but she was a ‘behind the scenes’ type of person. So, Marie’s award goes to a member who has helped the chapter a lot during the year, not for any glory or recognition, but kind of incognito. The chapter calls it the Unsung Hero Award.

The current Officers determine who the year’s award should go to and it is presented at Coders’ Day with an additional Educational Scholarship Award.

List of Unsung Hero Awardees:

  • 2010 Lynda Tebbs, CPC
  • 2011 Felecia Bernstein, CPC
  • 2012 Claire G. Bartkewicz, CPC-H
  • 2013 Bonnie J. lvler, CPC, RHIA
  • 2014 Asaad Samra, M.D.
  • 2015 Nancy Clark, CPC, COC, CPMA, CPB, CPC-1
  • 2016 No conference
  • 2017 Kim A. Bevel, CPC-A
  • 2018 Marie Defilippis
  • 2019 Kara Butala, CPC
The Felecia Bernstein

The Felecia Bernstein Kindness Award

This award is given to the person who exemplifies Felecia Bernstein’s kindness of heart and always making a difference for those she interacted with both in her work with Rose’s Fund and her day to day activities and job.

List of Felecia Bernstein Kindness Awardees

2019 Kim Bevel, CPC

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