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Monmouth/Ocean local Chapter of AAPC (Monmouth/Ocean AAPC) is a local Chapter of American Academy of Professional Coders™, also known as AAPC (www.aapc.com).

AAPC was founded in 1988 to provide education and professional certification to physician-based medical coders and to elevate the standards of medical coding by providing training, certification, networking, and job opportunities. Since then, AAPC has grown to over 190,000 members worldwide and offers 28 certifications encompassing the entire business side of healthcare, including professional service coding (CPC®), professional billing (CPB™), medical auditing (CPMA™), clinical documentation (CDEO™), medical compliance (CPCO™), and physician practice management (CPPM™).

Certifications demonstrate a professional’s working knowledge to support cleaner claim submission, faster reimbursement, fewer denials, and better run practices and facilities.

AAPC offers superior training for all stages of a healthcare career, whether it be those new to the business of healthcare or experienced medical professionals seeking to advance with the latest industry trends.” (As taken from AAPC’s website.)

AAPC has a network of more than 500 local chapters across the United States, all within the umbrella of a non-profit organization, the AAPC Chapter Association. All AAPC members belong to a local chapter and are entitled to attend local chapter meetings to obtain low-cost or free CEUs, network with peers, learn of jobs or advertise job openings, and promote the health care industry locally. AAPC local chapters also provide facilities and proctors for AAPC exams, enabling exams to be taken almost anywhere in the country. All AAPC local chapters are governed by the AAPCCA Board of Directors.

As a local Chapter in the Monmouth-Ocean County area, we offer continuing education usually the 1st Thursday evening of every month plus various seminars and exams throughout the year. We welcome members from any Chapter and also encourage guests to come see who we are and what we do. Once a year we organize an annual Coders and Billing conference in October. We represent members working in medical coding, auditing, regulatory compliance, revenue cycle management, and practice management.

Our Members benefit from local in-person meetings regularly to share common interests, questions, information and concerns, to ultimately promote the business of Healthcare and AAPC’s Mission of “Upholding a Higher Standard”.

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